Zhendre delivers its first vegetables transformation container

container 40pieds légumes transformation zhendre extérieur Container 40pieds légumes transformation zhendre intérieur


The company Girondin Primeur 4eme Gamme has detected a need for vegetables transformation. Indeed, local community, restaurants and private company rather focus on their main activity and subcontract the peeling, cutting and conditioning of raw materials.


The company GP4G was looking for a modular, strong and easily transportable structure. The vegetables transformation must be operated in a very strict atmosphere, from 12 to 15°C and easily washable. Moreover, the associates Cédric BERNARD and Ludovic VOUDON expected a solution operational in a few weeks.


Zhendre directly knew how to meet the need of GP4G, thanks to its expertise in shipping container transformation. To minimize thermic loss, we have offered an isolated on the side the ceiling and the floor, 40’ feet shipping container. Following a thermal balance realized by our Engineering Department, we have offered a split air-conditioner in order to guarantee the temperature needed for the vegetables transformation. We designed the electrical and hydraulic system according to the installed equipment. Finally, Zhendre offered a stratified floor in order to obtain a waterproof, non-skid and easily washable area.

We wish a great success to GP4G in its new activity.