Zhendre air-condition the boarding bridges at Bordeaux Mérignac Airport

Climatiseur Zhendre installé sur une passerelle de l'aéroport de Bordeaux Climatiseur Zhendre installé sur une passerelle de l'aéroport de Bordeaux




Bordeaux Merignac Airport has the best growth of passenger transported since the beginning of 2018 and wanted to offer more comfort to its clients. We have offered to air-condition the passenger boarding bridges, in which the temperature could raise up to +37°C.


The Airport services were looking for a cooling system which adapt to the existing structure. The construction work for the 4 boarding bridges has to be done in a short time as we had only one week per bridge. To enhance the services offered to its clients, the airport wanted the temperature to drop to +22°C. The boarding bridges measure 36m long and are retractable, so moving constantly. Finally, the constraints linked to the airport area are very strong and strict regarding safety and security.


Zhendre has offered, after a study, two air-conditioners per bridge. Our Engineering Department chooses our system in the Zenithair’s range that would be best adapted to the client’s needs in terms of debits and refrigerating power. We have calculated and created a welded mechanic frame to install the air-conditioner of more than 600 KG on the jamb of the bridge.

The high debit and the small section of the existing pipes forced us to propose an innovative solution to fulfil our client’s requirements. Our intervention team has passed all the certifications to work near the landing strip such as TRA, TRV and security. The team spends 4 weeks to install, plug and test the air-conditioner which gave an entire satisfaction to the airport services.

We are glad to have realized this project that will improve the airport infrastructure and develop the traffic in Bordeaux Mérignac Airport.