By developing our own solutions and also in response to specific requests, we design, manufacture and sell under our offer “ZHENDRE TECHNOLOGY”, specially designed material to operate reliably in extreme, extraordinary climatic conditions and physical constraints.

This specialisation allows us to propose a complete range of:

  • Containerised solutions (transformed/fitted containers for diverse usage),
  • Refrigerated containers,
  • Cold rooms,
  • Tent air conditioners,
  • Shelter air conditioners,
  • Comfort air conditioners,
  • Special air conditioners

Our material is intended mainly for clientele involved in hostile environments or in countries with weak infrastructure, including construction companies and the oil industry. They are designed for optimal use in the most extreme ambient temperatures. They are robust, reliable and easy to maintain.

Our products also meet the specific needs of the defense sector and are commonly used in theatres of operation by the armed forces, the peacekeeping missions and humanitarian organisations. The company incorporates all manufacturing processes from design engineering to testing in a climate cabin.

ZHENDRE is an expert in the following sectors:

  • Sheet metalwork/metalwork.
  • Carpentry / insulation.
  • Paintwork.
  • Selection and manufacturing of refrigeration and air conditioning units.
  • Electricity and automation.
  • Mechanics.
  • Control, testing and trials.

The research and study department is made up of engineers and technicians using high performance technical tools: CAD 3D, design software electrical diagrams, as well as specific software for the calculation of heat balances and selection of refrigeration components.

Through our “ZHENDRE COMFORT” offer, we have also developed and used our expertise in networking with business partners enabling us to meet the global demands of our customers (full camps, specific solutions).

We also exports a wide range of comfort air conditioners under our brand “ZENITHAIR”.
These air conditioners are mainly designed for residential and small tertiary use and are manufactured only by carefully selected partners.

In the implementation of these three offers (TECHNOLOGY, COMFORT and ZENITHAIR) we have developed a genuine expertise in international trade relations in particular an ability to respond to tenders worldwide.