Quality and Environment

Quality and Environmental Process

Continuously striving to guarantee the best level of quality for our products and services whilst limiting the impact of our activity on the environment, ZHENDRE has introduced a Quality Management System, which is certified ISO 9001 and an “Environment Management System” which is certified ISO 14001 by the certification board AFNOR.

Certificat ISO9001 v2015 N°1996-4903.12

Certificat ISO14001 v2015 N°2011-39887.6

This integrated Quality/Environment Management System allows us to continuously provide products and services that meet customer requirements and the applicable regulatory standards in order to increase the satisfaction of our customers and all stakeholders.

To confirm our willingness to be a “corporate citizen”, attentive to respecting the environment, an eco-design process is implemented to reduce the negative environmental impacts throughout the product lifespan. This can entail during the manufacturing process, the reduction of material by way of by varying the type of material or its thickness, the use of substances which are non-hazardous to the environment.

To obtain our Quality & Environment Policy  or Quality & Environment Manual, please make your request to : lmartinez@zhendre.com

For all other inquiries, please write to the head office to the attention of the Quality & Environment department.

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