General Presentation

Our Activity

ZHENDRE has ensured its development in two complementary offers:

  • The design, the manufacture and the distribution of refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
  • The design, the manufacture and the distribution of containerised solutions.

The company today develops solutions adapted to the logistics required for the comfort and support of clients working in sensitive areas and in extreme conditions, who also require products with efficient mobility. We also provide installation and technical support for our products by way of our own teams and a network of global partners. These offers can be summarized by the signature of the company: “Solutions for Extreme Conditions.”

The CEO’s message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the ZHENDRE SA website. You will be able to discover the “Solutions to Extreme Conditions” proposed by our company.

These solutions are developed within the scope of the strategic plan for 2014-15 named CAP 60 in reference to the 60th anniversary of the company, to be celebrated in 2015.

Therefore, without obviously abandoning the historical activity of the company in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning sectors, our company is resolutely committed to expanding its offer to equipment designed for the support and comfort of clients who operate in “Extreme Conditions”. Whether this entails troops in the field of operation, oil and gas industry operators or construction workers, who operate in areas with poor infrastructure, or even NGOs or certain UN agencies, they all share the common need for diverse equipment in order to improve their work conditions in hostile environments. A new offer based mainly on containerised solutions, trailer systems and specific air conditioning units is being progressively proposed. This offer will gradually be visible on the website as it develops and is updated. The offer is completed by associated services in logistics, international trade and technical support.

The acknowledgement and reputation of Zhendre’s  robust and reliable material has been built up over the decades and the new products which we already propose as well as those that will follow, will be designed and manufactured with the same quality standards. As a complement to this historical acknowledgement, our vision is to make ZHENDRE an innovative company in order to continue on a path of sustainable growth.

I would like to thank all the staff who are working towards the success of CAP 60 as well as our clients, suppliers, sub-contractors and all our partners associated with our development projects.