ZHENDRE presentation

For almost 60 years our company has designed, developed and manufactured products which correspond to the specific and extreme demands of our clients. We produce and deliver worldwide specially researched material for optimal usage in extraordinary climatic conditions and physical constraints. We design and manufacture in particular:

  • Refrigerated Containers
  • Containerised Solutions (pharmacies, mortuaries, sanitary facilities, Hygrometry controlled storage, decontamination, mobile kitchens, power generation…)
  • Mobile and fixed cold rooms
  • Comfort, industrial, tent and shelter air conditioners
  • Special products (trailer-type material, plate freezers…)

Our R&D department and production unit, both innovative and reactive, are able to design and produce any specific equipment that you may require.

WE ARE OPEN TO YOUR COMMENTS. Let us know of any suggestions you may have to improve our products and services!